Care to be taken after knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery is the most common procedure suggested by any orthopedic surgeon to treat knee pain. Also known as arthroplasty, recovery can pose a challenge to many people. So, aftercare steps should be followed very cautiously.

Home basics

Climbing of stairs should be avoided by staying on the ground floor.pressure on knee should also be avoided. Pillow should be used to rest the leg and ice packs should be placed on the knee to reduce pain.

Crutches or walker to avoid pressure on the knee while walking

Medication and wound care should be proper. It is important to take medication on time to help the healing process. The wound should be closely monitored for any kind of infection, inflammation, or swelling. 

Get good rest

Avoiding housework for some time and taking rest is very crucial for recovery. So, take help to complete the daily chore and avoid standing, bending, or stretching. Eating nutritious food along with prescribed supplements is needed for the speedy recovery.

Keeping in touch with the doctor for follow-ups can help you in speedy recovery. So, try to meet your doctor at the suggested time to gauge your progress. You can also clear your doubt during the follow-ups.

Rehab and exercise

A good rehab plan can boost your recovery process. Therefore, include walking in your daily schedule. To strengthen the knee light exercise can be done. At first, they may give you some pain but never stop the rehab process.

The recovery can differ from person to person but the preparation can help in speedy recovery to a large extent.

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