Myths and Facts on joint replacement

Myth-one can not return to their normal routine life after joint replacement therapy.

Fact–Joint replacement is similar to changing any worn out part of some machinery. Executed at the right time, it gives results of bringing the activity level of the patient to the original level. Advanced technological devices and implants have helped to bring about near-natural recovery to the patients.


Myth-joint replacement surgery is all invasive

Fact—patients have the notion that the entire knee is removed in the surgery but the fact is that only a minimal amount of bone is removed. Doctors today are also using less-invasive techniques and smaller incisions for the procedure.


Myth-If you are under 50, you are too young to have a joint replacement procedure

Fact–Age is not a factor while deciding for knee or hip replacement surgery. Instead, the amount of pain and level of incapacity is considered then.


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