Obesity and Knee Replacement

Generally, people think that obesity is related to heart diseases and diabetes but however it is also one of the major contributing factors of arthritis.

Obesity and osteoarthritis

Arthritis has a direct link to obesity, the more pressure on the knee joint, the more stressed it gets. And hence the slow degradation of the knee bones enhances the chance of knee replacement.

In fact, every 1 kg increase in weight puts 4 kgs of extra weight on knee joints. So, overweight people have more chances of getting arthritis and in turn, revert to knee replacement procedure.

The chemical composition released from fat can affect the development of osteoarthritis.

How weight loss affects knee pain?

In knee problems weight loss or no obesity can be beneficial in two ways:

  • Less weight means less pressure on the knee as well.
  • Decrease of inflammation in the body

According to research, inflammation is the key factor of arthritis instead of being a result of arthritis. Obesity leads to the inflammation which in turn causes joint pain. Therefore reducing weight can also reduce inflammation. So, maintaining a healthy life and weight is very important.

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