The time needed to recover for hip replacement surgery

In hip replacement surgery a patient is operated for osteoarthritis where a bone is extracted and replaced with an unnatural joint made of either metal or synthetic element.

After one day of the surgery, the patient is urged to walk with the assistance of any kind.the patient will be instructed how to walk as to the new hip as it cures. The patients are supposed to stay for 24 to 48 hours at hospital post surgery. If the surgical teams feel it safe then the patient can go home on the same day of surgery.

The time required for recovery after hip replacement surgery

The timeline for recovery differs from individual to individual depending upon stopping the pain-relieving medicine, turning to work, and continuing other activity.

Any physical activity should be started after physician’s consent only. An individual can do very light exercise after a gap of 30 to 48 hours and take a walk with the help of a walker. Slowly, and gradually one can eat a normal diet replacing the liquid diet.

Driving can be resumed normally after one and a half month of the surgery

After 2weeks of time if the stitches do not dissolve then they should be resolved manually. By this time the requirement of painkillers reduces.

Light exercise and activities can be resumed at this time. people who require to stand or raise their hand or turn may need to wait for three months.

Manual work with troublesome nature is not allowed.

After three months of surgery, most of the discomfort associated will vanish. Doing daily activity becomes easy. also, other activities like walking, gardening, yoga, and even dancing can be resumed. Other dynamic activities like sports and golf should be done by the doctor’s advice.

After recovering, people usually have less pain, healthier hip function, and a heightened capacity to work and socialize

 So, after 3 to 4 months a patient recovers nicely.

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