What is partial knee replacement surgery?

In this type of surgery, only the damaged part of the knee is replaced with an implant instead of fully replacing it as in total knee replacement.

At the present scenario implants and surgical procedures have improved to large extent allowing more patients with a knee problem for partial knee replacement surgery than before.

Knee replacement surgery may be recommended for people with an advanced level of osteoarthritis and non-surgical methods are no longer effective.

However, patients with the following characters are not eligible for this procedure-

  • Hurt ligament
  • Significant knee stiffness
  • Inflammatory arthritis

Both older and young patients can benefit from a partial knee replacement procedure nowadays.

Advantages of partial knee replacement 

  • Better range of motion as compared to total knee replacement.
  • Preserves healthy tissues and bone in the knee promoting better knee function
  • Reduced blood loss during surgery
  • Faster recovery due to less invasive nature 

For any further inquiry on partial knee replacement consult Dr.Nirad Vengsarkar at Ortho Insight Clinic, Mumbai.


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