Who needs a Hip Replacement surgical procedure?

As we get older, pain in hip joints becomes very common. But if the pain is severe enough to disrupt your daily routine then probably it’s time to consult a doctor for the treatment.

If nonsurgical treatments like physiotherapy, and using a cane is of no use then, total hip replacement is the only solution.

There are some symptoms which are indicators of hip replacement surgery–

Pain in hip joints while exercising

If one feels pain in hip joints just after exercise or any physical activity then it could be a sign of hip arthritis. Eating a pain killer or using a walking aid is not the solution.

Pain during the night time is disturbing your sleep then it’s time to consult a doctor.

Stiffness in the joints prevails and you are not able to bend while doing daily chores 

Pain while walking even going to nearby areas is a sign for you to consult an orthopedic immediately.

For the appropriate treatment of total hip replacement in Mumbai, you must consult Dr.Nirad Vengsarkar, the best orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai.

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